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Below is the the info I posted in my blog on 11 Jun. I redid here in table format, because my Edublog version doesn't allow for the creation of tables.

I'll complete the info at the end of the course.



What I Know  What I want to find out  How I’ve been learning and can learn more  What I’ve Learned so far 
11Jun13: Very little, because I’ve used Moodle on and off, far apart in time, and never did learn much  How to deal with Moodle in order to set up an online course or workshop and implement it  Exploration on my own (lots of trial and error), collaboration with friends, participation in forums where I gather info, reply and help when I think I can; experimenting things in GPA (a couple so far), watching videos, taking notes and jotting things down in several docs  It’s all reported in my blog
23Jun13: I knowmuch more about navigating and finding my way around. I know how to participate in forums, create a book, insert a video and a link to my external blog, check activities I completed... I still need to find out how to create a navigation bar, though I don't know if it's possible as a beginner My learning has involved a lot of exploration, trial and error, taking note of links and URLs in a Word doc (on a daily basis), writing about things I've discovered and done in my blog, cretaing a few tasks in video, but not practicing much in the GPA besides what I'd already done  I'm more comfortable with navigation and finding my way around to get where I want, though I still get confused at times



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