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Type of program Name of program Tutorial link Purpose


  Soundcloud Recording and sharing  
Registering and recording voice  

gravar voz e criar um link

[in Portuguese]

Recording & embedding a message slideshow
    Recording & embedding a message video
    Recording & embedding .html code [in Portuguese] 
    Gravar e inserir código .html  
Registering & Recording a message  
  Audacity (offline) 
Downloading, Recording et al  
    Audacity downloading and recording
    Recording voice  
    Gravar voz [in Portuguese]
    Gravar voz e música de fundo [in Portuguese]
  Voki Registering & Creating a voki (for Yakutsk) 
    Registering and Recording a Voki (may16)
  Sitepal Creating an avatar & recording voice  
  MyChingo MyChingo voiceboard MyChingo was discontinued end 2009


  Blogger Criar um blog [in Portuguese]
    Criar um link [in Portuguese]
    Inserir audio [in Portuguese]
    Inserir video [in Portuguese]
  Posterous Creating an account, Sending & Editing posts  
    Criar e Editar posts [in Portuguese]


  Yahoo Messenger Yahoo Messenger Tutorial text & images 
Getting a Yahoo ID, downloading YM and chatting


  Zimmertwins Registering in Zimmertwins  


Criar uma conta de email
[in Portuguese]
  Handybits Recording voice mail downloading and recording

Exercise Makers

  Hot Potatoes Creating HotPot exercises includes the link to download HotPot + how to create cloze, xword & matching exercises + useful features
    Cloze downloading HP & creating a "cloze" exercise
    Crossword scroll down to "Create a crossword"
    Criar diferentes exercícios [in Portuguese]
  Matching Game Maker Matching Game Maker pairs of words/ sentences in text or sound [applies more to YLs]
  Memory Game Maker Memory Game Maker pairs of words/ sentences in text, images or sound [applies more to YLs]
  Eclipse Crossword Creating a Xword  
  Quia (not free) 
Quia Listening matching exercises
    Quia Hangman  


[download pack here]

different word exercises [applies more to YLs]
  Quizlet Creating Flashcards & Embedding the exercise  


  Irfanview Resizing images  
    Cropping images  
    Inserting a border in an image  
    Redimensionar imagens [in Portuguese]
    Recortar uma parte de uma imagem [in Portuguese]

LMS (Learning Management Systems)

Moodle (2.5) Creating a Book video
  Yahoo Groups Creating a Calendar Event video 

Online storage

  Dropbox How to create a public link  


  SurveyMonkey Registering & Creating a survey  


  Eyejot Signing in, Recording a message et al.  
  Winkball Registering, Recording a message et al.  
  Voicethread Registering  

gravar e enviar uma mensagem video [in Portuguese]

(this service isn't available any longer)


  PBworks Creating a wiki  
    Creating a link  
    Inserting an image  
    Editing the Sidebar  
    Criar um wiki [in Portuguese]
    Criar um link [in Portuguese]
    Inserir uma imagem [in Portuguese]
    Editar o Sidebar/Indice [in Portuguese]
    Creating an account  
    Creating a new wiki  
    Creating a new page  
    Editing a page  
    Embedding .html code  
    Inserting an image  
    Criar uma conta e Fazer login [video: in Portuguese]
    Criar um wiki [video: in Portuguese]
    Editar uma página [video: in Portuguese]
    Guardar uma página [video: in Portuguese]
    Mudar o layout (visual) [video: in Portuguese]
Miscellaneous tutorials      






Matching Game Maker

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