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Create a Posterous account, Send and Edit messages



What is Posterous?

Posterous is a blog where you post everything by email, be it text, images, audio or video files. The images/photos, sound and video files are sent as attachments and are posted automatically by the program itself. Anything can be edited or deleted whe you log in and click Manage (top right).






Creating a Posterous account


1. open Posterous and click Login (top right)





2. click the Sign up with Posterous button (see blue arrow)





3. fill in the three fields

  • give a simple name to your Posterous blog
  • indicate the email address of your choice 
  • give a password that you won't forget easily 


4. click the Sign up button





In the meantime, you will receive an email from Posterous (sent to the account you indicated) asking you to confirm the email address you gave.





5. This is the email message. Click the link to the right of the blue arrow (below).




6. If this message in the grey box shows, click Ok.




Then you're taken to the Manage page of your Posterous blog. There's a message in green (top left) telling you that your email address was validated. Bottom left (underlined in red) you will see the email address of your Posterous blog where you will email your messages to. They are automatically published in your blog.






7. On that same page, further below, you will find the URL / Web address (underlined in red) of your Posterous blog. You can send it to anyone you want to see your (new) blog.


To go to your blog's homepage, click My Posterous (top right).




Here's my newly-created homepage.






Sending messages


1. To send a simple text message, for example, open your email provider (the one you indicated when you registered to Posterous) and write your message. Send it to your Posterous email address (that we talked about above). The Subject of the message will be the title of your Posterous post.


It's advisable to give a catchy / self-explanatory title about what awaits the reader.


2. If you want to post an image/photo, audio or video file, you have to send it as an Attachment.


After sending your message, wait about a minute (maybe longer if your message is heavier) and then go see if your message has been posted. You may need to Refresh the page.




Editing messages


1. In your homepage, click Login (top right) to go into your blog





2. click Manage to be able to edit your messages





3. choose the message to edit and click the corresponding Edit button (on the right)




4. you will find an editor that is very similar to a Word processor editor. Make your changes and click Save when you're done.


In the meantime, try understanding what I wrote in Portuguese!!!  ;-)



Enjoy the magic of Posterous!!!! 



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