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Page history last edited by Teresa Almeida d'Eca 14 years, 2 months ago



Christmas at Teresa's house in Portugal



The Christmas tree






Christmas Eve dinner


Baked cod fish with baked potatoes (lots of olive oil and sliced garlic)


Before the oven

After the oven







Bolo rei (The King Cake) made with a batter full of dried nuts

and toppled with dried fruits and powdered sugar




Sonhos (Dreams): a batter that is fried and sprinkled with sugar



Rabanadas (Gusts of wind): a type of French toast sprinkled with sugar and cinammon





Christmas dinner is at my parents'. It's roasted turkey with finely cut french fries and a mix of boiled chestnuts, walnuts and raisins fried in butter. Red wine is the main drink. Desserts are basically the same as on Christmas Eve at my house, where my parents have dinner with my husband and two sons.



Christmas traditions in Denmark

sent by Elin Jensen



This message was sent to me by Elin on Dec 15, 2009. It explains the different photos that follow.


Hey Teresa!
I have now tried to find pictures of my christmas tree and unfortunately I did only have an old picture for my sitting-room for about 20  - 22 years ago. I also found a picture of my christmas tree from my garden with snow. In Denmark we are always dreaming of a white Christmas. But it does not happen offen - this picture is for the last time we had white Christmas and it was in 1995. But this year we really hope, because it has been very cold for the last few day and for the next days it will frosty weather.
I also find pictures of my children when we celebrate St. Lucia on 13th December. In Denmark St. Lucia is celebrating in all schools, where the smallest pupils from at specific class (ex. 3th class every year) are going through the whole school singing the St. Lucia song over and over again. The pupils also visit homes for old and weak people and hospitals and homes for handicap people. But is different from school to school.
I have transletted the recipe Ris á l´amande - I really hope you understand it. It taste very good.
Tomorrow I will try to contact Tova and Anne-Mette to arrange a new talk with you  before Christmas - is that okay wit you?
Have a good night!!
Best Regards


Elin's Christmas trees




Christmas tradition in Danish schools

St Lucia, Dec 13










Elin's front yard yesterday, Dec 19



Yesterday morning at 6.30 I took this picture of my frontgarden. During the nigth the snow had falled down - just at little. It is so beautiful - but very cold.





Ris à l'amande


In Denmark it is customary to eat this dessert at Christmas Eve dinner.




Use a pot with at deep button, so the milk do not catch.Put the pudding rice into the boiling water  for 2 minutes  while stiring. Then put the milk and the vanilla pod into pot and keep it all to boiling again still stiring it. When the “pudding” is boiling turn down the heat and keep it boiling for about 35 minutes. Now and then stiring in the pot.  Cool down the “pudding” . Now you mix the sucker and the almonds into the “pudding” . Now the heavy cream has been whipped and afterward the cream mixes into the “pudding”.  Finally  the Ris á l´amande has been finished  and it can be put into the refrigerator for a time to  be cold. When you serve  the ris á l´amande  it serves with cherry syrup (cherry with sucker  and a little bit water) which has been warmed a little into a pot.

dl = decilitre

pc = piece



Thank you, Elin!   :-)




Christmas traditions in Denmark

sent by Anne-Mette


This message was sent to me by Anne-Mette on Dec 15, 2009, telling me about Christmas at their house.


Thanks for the picture you send to me.
The 24. December about 3 pm. my mother, parents-in-law, my sister, my brother-in-law and nephew
come to our house we get coffee and cookies.
The Christmas Eve dinner is duck with patato and red cabbage there is boild and salat make off red cabbage
there is raw with orange and we get also braun sauce for the dinner.
The dessert is boild cold rice with whipped cream and cherry sauce. We drink read wine and soda to the dinner
and cherry wine to the dessert (homemade by Anne-Mette- cherry from the garden with rum)
Afther the dinner we wash the dishes. Then we go round the Christmas tree and we sing Christmas song.
When we have sing many songs,we finish with a song where we run around in the hause and sing the song
"Nu er det jul igen"(Now is it Christmas again). At last we will open Christmas presents. We drink coffee and eat cookie and candy.
Merry Christmas and happy new year.



And here are photos that Anne-Mette sent of her Christmas in 2005 and the last two taken after it snowed on Dec 16, 2009.


Anne-Mette's Christmas tree in 2005






Anne-Mette's dog, Bella, and her garden on Dec 16, 2009




Thank you, Anne-Mette!  :-)





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