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Page history last edited by Teresa Almeida d'Eca 15 years, 1 month ago





XyText Notecard Reader


Workshop in Second Life


Tere Short in SL / Teresa Almeida d'Eça in RL


WiAOC09: 22 May 2009






Useful information


Context/Learning context: This tool helps to deliver information during a class or a workshop (as was the case when I saw it being used for the first time). I then used it during my workshop to have the step-by-step instructions in case a participant missed an instruction I was giving through voice.


What it is: It is a big dark blue board in which you display content in a notecard


Target user: Teachers/instructors/facilitators and students


What it does: It displays content written in a notecard


How it works: You write the content in a notecard, save it and then drag it into the XyText Notecard Reader


Where to get it from: I've been trying to find this out. I've searched inworld and I've sent the creator, Xylor Baysklef, an IM. It was given to me by William Colmenares / Wico Braveheart


What permissions it has: Next owner can Copy, Modify and Give away


What it costs: It's free


Your personal experience / your personal story about using this tool: The tool was given to me during Wico Braveheart's workshop and I found it very user-friendly and intuitive. We tried it out during the workshop. I wrote a simple message in a notecard, saved it and dragged it to the NR that I had rezzed. It displayed at once.


It can be used in class or a workshop and it can display notecards that are prepared in advance or on the spur of the moment. As soon as new content is dragged into it, the previous content disappears. If the content occupies more than one screen, you can scroll up and down by clicking the brown tube on the right side.


The green area at the top displays the name with which you save the notecard





At my WiAOC09 SL session, held in the Muvenation Sandbox, I gave my demo in voice. However, there is a chatlog with useful information. I have put the different suggestions for the educational uses of this tool in bold.


[1:50]  Tere Short: hello frith

[1:50]  Frith Rhiadra: Hello Tere

[1:50]  Tere Short: are you for a session

[1:50]  Frith Rhiadra: Yes

[1:50]  Tere Short: i'm arranging things for mine

[1:50]  Frith Rhiadra: Starting in 10 minutes?

[1:50]  Tere Short: yes

[1:51]  Frith Rhiadra: Hearing you fine

[1:51]  Sasa Sirkelianov: hi

[1:51]  Zav Wuyts: hi Sasa

[1:52]  Frith Rhiadra: No problem - I'll stand

[1:52]  Tere Short: hi sasa

[1:52]  Sasa Sirkelianov: I'm not sure how to use the audio here... I'm a very clumsy avatar ;-)

[1:53]  Tere Short: sas, i'd prefer for just me to use audio during the demo and you use text chat. ok?

[1:53]  Sasa Sirkelianov: sure, tere

[1:54]  Frith Rhiadra: I'm in Nantes in the west of France

[1:54]  Sasa Sirkelianov: i'm just trying to figure out what is where

[1:54]  Sasa Sirkelianov: i seee

[1:54]  Sasa Sirkelianov: do you want me to test?

[1:55]  Sasa Sirkelianov: could you hear me?

[1:55]  Sasa Sirkelianov: I'm working with the headset too... but it worked with other apps...

[1:56]  Daf Smirnov is Online

[1:56]  Sasa Sirkelianov: don't worry, i'm fine chatting

[1:56]  Tere Short: hi bron!

[1:56]  Zav Wuyts: fine

[1:56]  Frith Rhiadra: Hello Bron and Birgit

[1:57]  Bron Bloxome: hiya

[1:57]  Zav Wuyts: hi Daf

[1:57]  Daf Smirnov: hi everybody

[1:57]  Daf Smirnov: thanks :-)

[1:57]  Daf Smirnov: great

[1:57]  Zav Wuyts: beijinhos Daf

[1:57]  Daf Smirnov: just waking up for you - 4:30 am my time - went to bed at 2

[1:57]  Bron Bloxome: Hey there Daf

[1:58]  Daf Smirnov: so, you won´t be listening to my voice for a while ;-)

[1:58]  Sasa Sirkelianov: yay, daf! i said you grandson picked the best date to be born - the launching of wiaoc ;-)

[1:58]  Daf Smirnov: yesssss

[1:58]  Simon Kline is Online

[1:58]  Sasa Sirkelianov: great boots :-)

[1:59]  Daf Smirnov: he he

[1:59]  Sasa Sirkelianov: heh... I'm very awkward using the commands here --- have only been in sl for 2 or 3 times...

[2:00]  Sasa Sirkelianov: ok

[2:00]  Bron Bloxome is Online

[2:01]  Zav Wuyts is Offline

[2:03]  Daf Smirnov: hi Vance

[2:03]  Sasa Sirkelianov: hi vance

[2:04]  Hoser Rhode is Online

[2:04]  Webhead Link: hi all

[2:07]  Hoser Rhode: sorry did I miss introduction?

[2:07]  Hoser Rhode: It would be nice or recording

[2:07]  Hoser Rhode: I am simulcasting

[2:08]  Hoser Rhode: for worldbridges

[2:08]  Daf Smirnov: he is simulcasting, Tere

[2:08]  IM: Daf Smirnov: Tere, Hoser is simulcasting for Worldbridges

[2:08]  Webhead Link: I don't hear the stream

[2:09]  Sasa Sirkelianov: i can hear fine, vance

[2:09]  Daf Smirnov: sound is great here

[2:09]  Nina Zaytsev: Here too!

[2:09]  Daf Smirnov: this tool is very handy

[2:09]  Webhead Link: i'll try a different computer

[2:10]  Bron Bloxome: just in time instructions

[2:10]  Bron Bloxome: yes

[2:10]  Corwin Carillon is Offline

[2:10]  Daf Smirnov: I use it for different purposes, for example - objectives of a class

[2:10]  Daf Smirnov: correct dictations

[2:11]  Bron Bloxome: sowing student work - students can prepare notecards of their work or notes

[2:11]  Bron Bloxome: *showing

[2:11]  Daf Smirnov: show questions to be answered

[2:11]  Daf Smirnov: I correct dictations

[2:11]  Frith Rhiadra: Error correction - giving examples of sentences needing improvement

[2:12]  Daf Smirnov: right

[2:12]  Daf Smirnov: the others can find errors

[2:12]  Daf Smirnov: peer correction

[2:12]  Nina Zaytsev: Once the text is up there can you alter it?

[2:12]  Daf Smirnov: you need to alter the notecard and drop it again on the board

[2:13]  Frith Rhiadra: Text with gaps to be filled in orally

[2:13]  Bron Bloxome: group construction of a text - other add in chat and one load to notecard

[2:13]  Daf Smirnov: right, Bron, I use it for collaborative story telling

[2:13]  Nina Zaytsev: Is tehre a way to "turn off" the names, which obstruct some of the text?

[2:13]  Daf Smirnov: no, it is not Gavin´s

[2:14]  Daf Smirnov: it comes in many of free boxes for teachers

[2:14]  Eurominuteman Jameson is Online

[2:14]  Bron Bloxome: seems very simple and practical

[2:15]  Bron Bloxome: Yeah to Portugese friends

[2:15]  Daf Smirnov: it is Bron, and the fact that you can resize it is great

[2:15]  Daf Smirnov: you can put it on any wall

[2:15]  Sasa Sirkelianov: i can hear echo...

[2:15]  Hoser Rhode: someone has an open mic it feedbacks

[2:15]  Bron Bloxome: right Daf - very useful

[2:15]  Morgen String: done

[2:15]  Hoser Rhode: thanks

[2:15]  Sasa Sirkelianov: it'+s fine now

[2:16]  Bron Bloxome: very practical little tool

[2:16]  Bron Bloxome: simple and intuitive

[2:17]  Daf Smirnov: the only problem for me in the Spanish course is that it does not accept international symbols

[2:17]  Nina Zaytsev: Sorry I was late--could you go over how to create a notecard again?

[2:17]  Bron Bloxome: in your inventory Nina

[2:17]  Morgen String: I think that one of its drwbacks is the fact that it doesn't allow collaboration

[2:17]  Daf Smirnov: inventory - Create - new note

[2:18]  Nina Zaytsev: Thanks

[2:18]  Nina Zaytsev: Is it free?

[2:18]  Bron Bloxome: in notecards - right click and chose NEW NOTE

[2:18]  Daf Smirnov: I use it for collaboration - error correction - peer feedback

[2:18]  Prim Finder v1.2: No shape to select.

[2:18]  Prim Finder v1.2: No shape to select.

[2:18]  Morgen String: yes

[2:18]  Nina Zaytsev: What if everyone drops their note card at the same time--don't you run out of space?

[2:19]  Morgen String is Online

[2:19]  Daf Smirnov: students can pass a notecard around and then drop it on the board

[2:19]  Daf Smirnov: that´s how I do collabortive story-telling

[2:19]  Prim Finder Rezzer for Alpha prims: You're not the owner. You can pick up your own Prim Finder Rezzer by clicking on the "Rez" button on the Prim Finder.

[2:19]  Morgen String: me too:)

[2:20]  Bron Bloxome: easy to drop on the board - many student uses comparing their work or issues

[2:20]  Daf Smirnov: this is a problem in my first spanish class for beginners

[2:21]  Nina Zaytsev: I don't understand how to drop it on the board. I've saved it.

[2:21]  Birgit Brautigan: Can you only use it with text or can you use it to display pictures?

[2:21]  Nina Zaytsev: I don't see it--unless it is "new note"

[2:21]  Bron Bloxome: could be a brainstorm -students each write 5 ideas on a topic

[2:21]  Daf Smirnov: this is just a notecard reader

[2:22]  Daf Smirnov: look for it in recent items, Nina

[2:22]  Nina Zaytsev: It worked!

[2:22]  Nina Zaytsev: But I seem to have erased everyone else's!

[2:22]  Bron Bloxome: Nina has 5am - that will be me tomorrow :-(

[2:23]  Nina Zaytsev: Only 1 hour earlier than usual!

[2:23]  Daf Smirnov: 3 am for me, Nina

[2:23]  Nina Zaytsev: Ouch, Daf

[2:23]  Bron Bloxome: OOOh Daf - you win!

[2:23]  Hoser Rhode: It's 2am in Los Angeles...

[2:23]  Nina Zaytsev: Oucher

[2:23]  Sasa Sirkelianov: 11.20 for me...

[2:23]  Bron Bloxome: 7.20 pm for me in Aus

[2:24]  Sasa Sirkelianov: clap clap clap, tere

[2:24]  cyber Placebo: I m sorry i am late

[2:24]  Daf Smirnov: once you have it, you can rez it

[2:24]  Sasa Sirkelianov: very interesting

[2:24]  Morgen String: And then when you are finished, you can attend my session:)

[2:24]  Morgen String: TY

[2:24]  Hoser Rhode: sorry I started to walk around

[2:24]  cyber Placebo accepted your inventory offer.

[2:24]  Hoser Rhode: not yet for me..

[2:24]  Sasa Sirkelianov: i will need to leave now...

[2:25]  cyber Placebo: hold on I am trying to find it

[2:25]  Diann Carver: thx

[2:25]  cyber Placebo: in my

[2:25]  cyber Placebo: inventory

[2:25]  Diann Carver accepted your inventory offer.

[2:25]  Hoser Rhode accepted your inventory offer.

[2:25]  Sasa Sirkelianov: bye all

[2:25]  Gwen Gwasi is Online

[2:25]  Morgen String: Bye Sasa

[2:25]  cyber Placebo: sorry what is the name of the object?

[2:25]  Daf Smirnov: I did not know your SL name Jose :-)

[2:26]  Sasa Sirkelianov: do i need to park my avatar someplace or is it enough to just sign ourt? a newbie question...

[2:26]  cyber Placebo: found it

[2:26]  cyber Placebo: do I wear it?

[2:26]  Daf Smirnov: no, just rez it

[2:26]  Bron Bloxome: XYText Notecard Reader

[2:26]  Frith Rhiadra accepted your inventory offer.

[2:26]  cyber Placebo: ok

[2:26]  Daf Smirnov: meaning - drag and drop on the floor

[2:26]  Frith Rhiadra: Thanks

[2:27]  Daf Smirnov: the meaning of rez

[2:27]  Birgit Brautigan accepted your inventory offer.

[2:27]  Nina Zaytsev: I haven't received anything yet

[2:27]  Bron Bloxome: Drag it from your inventory to the floor to rez it

[2:27]  Birgit Brautigan: thanks

[2:27]  Morgen String accepted your inventory offer.

[2:27]  Daf Smirnov: yes

[2:27]  Daf Smirnov: several ;-)

[2:27]  Sasa Sirkelianov accepted your inventory offer.

[2:27]  Frith Rhiadra: I have one thanks

[2:27]  Eurominuteman Jameson accepted your inventory offer.

[2:27]  Bron Bloxome accepted your inventory offer.

[2:27]  Daf Smirnov accepted your inventory offer.

[2:27]  Nina Zaytsev: I did not receive anything

[2:27]  Daf Smirnov: he he, TY!

[2:27]  Hoser Rhode: not me..

[2:27]  Morgen String: I got your offer, TY, Tere:)

[2:27]  cyber Placebo: Simon you are here!

[2:27]  Hoser Rhode: I do..

[2:27]  Nina Zaytsev: No

[2:28]  Hoser Rhode: yes

[2:28]  Hoser Rhode accepted your inventory offer.

[2:28]  Daf Smirnov: this is my granny present

[2:28]  Frith Rhiadra: Hi Cyber :-)

[2:28]  Sasa Sirkelianov: yes

[2:28]  Diann Carver: yes

[2:28]  cyber Placebo: nice to meet you

[2:28]  Eurominuteman Jameson: hi jose

[2:28]  Morgen String: Congratulations, Daf:)

[2:28]  cyber Placebo: just had a couple of beers in Wellington

[2:28]  Nina Zaytsev: OK yes thanks!

[2:28]  Hoser Rhode: HI James..

[2:28]  Webhead Link accepted your inventory offer.

[2:28]  cyber Placebo: before coming ... late

[2:28]  Nina Zaytsev accepted your inventory offer.

[2:28]  Creed Juran accepted your inventory offer.

[2:28]  Daf Smirnov: lol cyber

[2:28]  Frith Rhiadra: Great! I bet Wellington has changed

[2:28]  Webhead Link accepted your inventory offer.

[2:28]  Bron Bloxome: Parcel is full so we cannot rez here

[2:28]  cyber Placebo: probably, we will have a chat later simon

[2:29]  Nina Zaytsev: rex = raise, sort of?

[2:29]  Sasa Sirkelianov: now i really need to go... great presentation Tere, bye all

[2:29]  Nina Zaytsev: rez

[2:29]  Bron Bloxome: resolve

[2:29]  Nina Zaytsev: She's gone it is Sasha

[2:30]  Gwen Gwasi: yes pls

[2:30]  cyber Placebo: only have the xy reader

[2:30]  Gwen Gwasi accepted your inventory offer.

[2:30]  cyber Placebo: ok

[2:30]  Hoser Rhode: question from simulcast Haana.. what is a notecard reader?

[2:30]  Daf Smirnov: maybe you can summarize, Tere

[2:30]  Hoser Rhode: yep.. thanks

[2:32]  cyber Placebo: can't seem to rez

[2:32]  Daf Smirnov: a notecard is one of the ways to communicate by writing in SL

[2:32]  cyber Placebo: the notecard

[2:32]  cyber Placebo: it say that it is too full

[2:33]  cyber Placebo: ok

[2:33]  cyber Placebo: do I need a

[2:33]  cyber Placebo: board?

[2:33]  Free Radar HUD v1.1 by Crystal Gadgets

[2:33]  cyber Placebo: to read?

[2:33]  Nina Zaytsev: Once you rez it somewhere, does it stay there?

[2:33]  Bron Bloxome: do we have a tag for flickr images?

[2:33]  Nina Zaytsev: Okay

[2:33]  Daf Smirnov: you can delete it, or take it back to your inventory

[2:33]  Nina Zaytsev: SLetiquette

[2:33]  Nina Zaytsev: :-)

[2:33]  Eurominuteman Jameson: titlt red James

[2:34]  Daf Smirnov: yes, the original one

[2:34]  Eurominuteman Jameson: title red James

[2:34]  cyber Placebo: sorry I am bit confused

[2:34]  Hoser Rhode: thandks for the freebies James

[2:34]  cyber Placebo: because I came late

[2:34]  cyber Placebo: what was the first object?

[2:34]  Morgen String: :)

[2:34]  Hoser Rhode: We will have a recordingof the audio

[2:35]  Eurominuteman Jameson: relevant ones, jose

[2:35]  Hoser Rhode: :)

[2:35]  cyber Placebo: ok

[2:35]  cyber Placebo: can't rez the objkect

[2:36]  cyber Placebo: hello everyone

[2:36]  Daf Smirnov: or take any notecard you have in your inventory

[2:36]  Nina Zaytsev: An unruly student could disrupt your lesson by dropping notes on top of it, I suppose

[2:36]  Nina Zaytsev: You cannot stop them from obscuring your text

[2:36]  Frith Rhiadra: Good point Nina

[2:36]  Nina Zaytsev: Right

[2:37]  Daf Smirnov: you can drop it back into place

[2:37]  Frith Rhiadra: Is it possible to restrict authorisation to use the reader?

[2:37]  Morgen String is Offline

[2:37]  Nina Zaytsev: That was my question, Frith

[2:37]  Nina Zaytsev: Anyway I teach adults so that is unlikely!

[2:37]  cyber Placebo: sorry that was me... done understood

[2:37]  cyber Placebo: thanks

[2:38]  cyber Placebo: do you need to have a psecial note reader object on island?

[2:38]  cyber Placebo: to be able to use this tool?

[2:38]  Daf Smirnov: no, cyber

[2:38]  Daf Smirnov: you can use it anywhere where you can rez objects

[2:39]  cyber Placebo: just any old notecard

[2:39]  Daf Smirnov: you cannot modify permissions on this object, Tere

[2:39]  Frith Rhiadra: OK that's fine - we can experiment

[2:39]  Daf Smirnov: the script is not modify

[2:40]  Daf Smirnov: Tere, you would have to modify the script, not the object

[2:40]  XyText Notecard Reader v1.3.1: Cannot read notecard 'New Note'.  Check permissions.

[2:40]  Daf Smirnov: and the script is not modify

[2:40]  XyText Notecard Reader v1.3.1: Cannot read notecard 'New Note'.  Check permissions.

[2:40]  Daf Smirnov: right

[2:40]  Frith Rhiadra: I just tried to drag on anotecard and it didn't work

[2:40]  Bron Bloxome: but they will readily learn the protocol

[2:40]  Daf Smirnov: well, SL only accept people over 18

[2:41]  cyber Placebo: could you apply the permission to one student at a time?

[2:41]  cyber Placebo: not as a group?

[2:41]  Daf Smirnov: they should be mature enough not to bother the class

[2:41]  cyber Placebo: if you give the word to one student not all

[2:41]  Bron Bloxome: yes I agree Daf - they will have to learn

[2:41]  Daf Smirnov: no cyber, you cannot modify the script

[2:41]  Daf Smirnov: they are over 18

[2:41]  cyber Placebo: ok

[2:41]  cyber Placebo: can only one card be read at a time

[2:41]  Daf Smirnov: yes

[2:42]  cyber Placebo: or can student start one part of the

[2:42]  cyber Placebo: sentence

[2:42]  Morgen String is Online

[2:42]  cyber Placebo: and other students fill in?

[2:42]  Bron Bloxome: Love coming to sessions to get a new toy!

[2:42]  cyber Placebo: but the first

[2:42]  cyber Placebo: part of the sentence

[2:42]  cyber Placebo: remains?

[2:42]  Daf Smirnov: or pass the notecard around before dragging it on the board

[2:42]  Nina Zaytsev: I am just starting my collection

[2:42]  cyber Placebo: yes dafg

[2:42]  Nina Zaytsev: I will have to learn how to do that

[2:43]  Daf Smirnov: use folders like in YG

[2:43]  cyber Placebo: YG?

[2:43]  Bron Bloxome: This has been great start to the convergence day for me - teachers love their freebies

[2:43]  Daf Smirnov: Yahoo Groups

[2:43]  cyber Placebo: ok

[2:43]  Daf Smirnov: me too!!!!!!

[2:44]  Daf Smirnov: 4

[2:44]  Daf Smirnov: 2004

[2:44]  Hoser Rhode: wow... Makes me feel like a younand...

[2:44]  Hoser Rhode: youngman

[2:44]  Daf Smirnov: it was awesome!!!!

[2:44]  cyber Placebo: Who owns MUVEnation?

[2:45]  Daf Smirnov: and a little help from your friend

[2:45]  Bron Bloxome: ciao4 now - back for next session - many thx

[2:45]  Bron Bloxome is Offline

[2:45]  Morgen String: Bye Bron

[2:45]  Daf Smirnov: next session around here too

[2:45]  Nina Zaytsev: Clap clap clap clap clap

[2:45]  Morgen String: TY:)

[2:45]  Daf Smirnov: Bravo

[2:46]  Frith Rhiadra: Thanks a lot Tere

[2:46]  cyber Placebo: thank you

[2:46]  Hoser Rhode: next presentation is here also?

[2:46]  Daf Smirnov: he he

[2:46]  Gwen Gwasi: congrats

[2:46]  Nina Zaytsev: Congratulations Daf!!!

[2:46]  Daf Smirnov: thanks :-)

[2:46]  Hoser Rhode: as in 14min?

[2:46]  Webhead Link: thanks (and just got the audio 15 min ago ;-)

[2:46]  Nina Zaytsev: Congratulations to the proud parents!

[2:46]  Daf Smirnov: yes in 14 min

[2:46]  Birgit Brautigan: congratulations! and thank you

[2:46]  Morgen String: Hoser, click the box that says Morgen's platform

[2:46]  Daf Smirnov: thanks

[2:46]  cyber Placebo: yes

[2:46]  Morgen String: bye and ty Tere:)

[2:46]  Tere Short: thank you all for being here! :-)

[2:46]  Nina Zaytsev: Can someone tell me: is audible clapping somehwere in my inventory?

[2:46]  cyber Placebo: I am frith

[2:46]  cyber Placebo: are you?

[2:47]  Gwen Gwasi: can you tell us a bit about Muvenation?

[2:47]  Daf Smirnov: write / and then clap

[2:47]  cyber Placebo: So frith

[2:47]  Nina Zaytsev: But clap is not in my list

[2:47]  cyber Placebo: what were you studying at Vic and when?

[2:47]  Webhead Link: is the next event here?

[2:47]  Nina Zaytsev: nope

[2:47]  Nina Zaytsev: I can blow you a kiss!

[2:47]  Webhead Link: ok, I'll find it

[2:47]  Daf Smirnov: try writing / then clap in the local chat

[2:47]  Nina Zaytsev: /clap

[2:48]  Nina Zaytsev: nope

[2:48]  Morgen String is Offline

[2:48]  Morgen String is Online

[2:48]  Webhead Link: thanks for streaming Hoser

[2:50]  Webhead Link: taht's from not wearing a headset

[2:50]  Daf Smirnov: I am twittering the sessions

[2:50]  Gwen Gwasi: excellent

[2:50]  Nina Zaytsev: It is not here then?

[2:50]  Tere Short: http://wiaoc09.pbworks.com/May22

[2:51]  Daf Smirnov: the SL sessions can be found here: http://wiaoc09.pbworks.com/SL-strand

[2:51]  Nina Zaytsev: Tere are you enjoying retirement so far?

[2:51]  Gwen Gwasi: thx

[2:51]  Nina Zaytsev: Wonderful!

[2:52]  Daf Smirnov: click on this box, and you will get the teleport to next session

[2:52]  Nina Zaytsev: You are too young to stop, I guess

[2:52]  Daf Smirnov: see you later, Teresinha, and congrats!!!

[2:52]  Gwen Gwasi: you do teacher training?

[2:52]  Nina Zaytsev: I can envision that for me too when I retire in about 5-6 years

[2:52]  Nina Zaytsev: Bye Daf

[2:52]  Daf Smirnov: bfn

[2:53]  Nina Zaytsev: It is thanks to Tere, Daf, and BaW that I am here today

[2:53]  Daf Smirnov: we love you Nina

[2:53]  Nina Zaytsev: Liakos!

[2:53]  Daf Smirnov: he he

[2:53]  Nina Zaytsev: I am well, dear Tere

[2:53]  Gwen Gwasi: :-)

[2:54]  Daf Smirnov: and training teachers in SL too

[2:54]  Gwen Gwasi: portuguese too?

[2:56]  Tere Short: tmvaz@mail.telepac.pt

[2:56]  Eurominuteman Jameson: http://virtual-learning-quality.ning.com/

[2:57]  Gwen Gwasi: thx

[2:58]  Tere Short: http://wiaoc09.pbworks.com/May22

[2:58]  Gwen Gwasi: yes

[2:59]  Gwen Gwasi: Heike Philp

[2:59]  Gwen Gwasi: LANCELOT School

[2:59]  gloriagdiago Galicia is Online

[2:59]  Tere Short: hi gloria!

[2:59]  Nina Zaytsev: beijinhos, see you in the next session!

[2:59]  Tere Short: thank you for the t-shirt :-)

[3:00]  gloriagdiago Galicia: hello¡¡

[3:00]  gloriagdiago Galicia: can I attend it?

[3:00]  gloriagdiago Galicia: ah

[3:00]  gloriagdiago Galicia: ok

[3:00]  gloriagdiago Galicia: sorry

[3:00]  Tere Short: this session is finished

[3:00]  gloriagdiago Galicia: ::)

[3:00]  cyber Placebo: sorry where do we go?

[3:00]  Tere Short: http://wiaoc09.pbworks.com/May22

[3:00]  cyber Placebo: where is it?

[3:01]  cyber Placebo: yes

[3:01]  gloriagdiago Galicia: ok, thanks Tere



A 4 minute video about the XyText Notecard Reader cretated by Shelly Waco and Tere Short in SL



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