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Speaking and listening are two basic skills to be practiced when learning a foreign language. Web 2.0 tools offer a variety of different voice tools. Your choice is personal and depends on what your objective is.


I'll mention three different tools I've used with my young learners.



Voiceboard (My voicemail)

(enables recording messages anywhere, anytime, in class or at home; not free)


(recorded from home)

(recorded from home)

(recorded in class)






(a free, downloadable program that is very simple and user-friendly)




  (Pedro, 6D, telling us what they did in class in the first 4 weeks of the third term; FwE2, 2May2007)





(a pocket computer)

(or an .mp3 player that also records)




  (8 students from 6C describe their appearance; FwE2, 20Feb2007)


At the doctor's (roleplaying a dialogue in class; recorded on the spur of the moment)


Happy birthday!



Examples of uses of other voice tools

Vaestro (click here for an example)

Voicethread (click here for an example)

Voxopop (click here for an example)


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