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interactive websites; owners make posts / write about something and readers can leave comments



A blog is a very effective tool to practice reading and writing, two fundamental skills to be acquired when 

learning a foreign language. But it also effective to practice listening and speaking, when certain tools are linked to it or embedded in it.


Here are examples of different type of work done in two of my teacher-student blogs.





Extracurricular activities



  • E-card (sent by Sus Nyrop, a Danish teacher-friend; good to learn vocabulary in a fun way)



  • Going to the Zoo (a field trip; interesting to read the dialogue that went on between a student and a teacher in comments #5-10)





Curricular activities






Other educational blogs

CALL Lessons 2005-2007 (curricular) - Teresa Almeida d'Eça

CALL Lessons 2007-2009

Have Fun with English! 2 (extracurricular) - Teresa Almeida d'Eça

Have Fun with English! 3


For older students

Teenage Life (8th grade, 4th year of English) - Etelvira Figueiredo 

MEI Level 1 (Spring 2009 English course) - Nina Liakos

In Cyber Touch 2008 (writing course) - Berta Leiva




(collaborative pages and websites such as the one you see in this presentation)


I have never used wiki in class, but have used it for remedial work, as you will see below. The following links also include work done with older students and with teachers.


Remedial work

6th Grade (includes recordings, exercises, scores and feedback for students on their mistakes)


For a university course

Tecnologia Informática III (Dafne Gonzalez) (Wikispaces)

English Advertising (Aiden Yeh)


Online teacher development 

BaW09 (you're very welcome to join us!)


Group presentation

TESOL Colloquium 2007

Wikis: Collaborative Learning Spaces


To plan and organize a conference

WiAOC2009 (Webheads in Action; several people collaborating)

You're all cordially invited to attend or give a presentation!


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