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Blogs in Plain English (a video with a simple intro to blogs) - Lee Lefever


Blog hosts

Blogger < http://www.blogger.com/ >

Edublogger < http:// www.edublogger.org/ > 

Motime < http://www.motime.com/ > 

Wordpress < http://wordpress.com/ >



Chat tools


Skype < http://www.skype.com >

Yahoo Messenger < http://messenger.yahoo.com >


VIP: These chat tools include text, voice and video



Image software



Animated movies and comics

Dvolver < http://www.dfilm.com/live/home.html >

GoAnimate! < http://goanimate.com/ >

MakeBeliefsComix < http://www.makebeliefscomix.com/ >

Witty Comics < http://www.wittycomics.com/make-comic.php >

Zimmertwins < http://www.zimmertwins.ca/ >


Photos, drawings, course work and presentations

Bubbleshare < http://www.bubbleshare.com/ >

Flickr < http://www.flickr.com/ > (see an example used for Course work )

Picturetrail < http://www.picturetrail.com >

Tag Galaxy < http://taggalaxy.de/ >




Photostory < dowload from http://tinyurl.com/48jvat > (example of a project about Vasco da Gama Bridge in Lisbon for an Architecture and Urban Planning course in Caracas, Venezuela)



Interactive exercises


Prepared offline and need upload to a server

Eclipse Crossword < http://www.eclipsecrossword.com/ >

Hot Potatoes < http://hotpot.uvic.ca/ > (offers a variety of different exercises)

Matching Game Maker < http://www.eduweb.vic.gov.au/languagesonline/games/Matching/index.htm > (text and sound)

Memory Game Maker < http://www.eduweb.vic.gov.au/languagesonline/games/memory/index.htm > (text, image and sound)

Spellmaster < http://www.spellmaster.com/ > (2 packs, one just for text, the other with sound)

QuizFaber  < http://lucagalli.net/en/ >



Prepared online and have hosting service

ProProfs < http://www.proprofs.com/ >

Quizlet < http://quizlet.com/ > (see Similes by Claudia Carril)

MyStudiyo < http://www.mystudiyo.com/ > (see Idioms with colors by Claudia Carril)

Quiahttp://www.quia.com/web >

Online Exercise Makers < http://languagecenter.cla.umn.edu/index.php?page=makers >





Clustrmaps < http://www.clustrmaps.com/ > (keeps count of visitors and locates them in the world)

Frapprmaps < http://www.frappr.com/ > (social map: see where your visitors come form and read their short message)

Google maps < http://maps.google.com >

World Atlas < http://go.hrw.com/atlas/norm_htm/world.htm >





Audacity < http://audacity.sourceforge.net > (need to download; offline recorder and .mp3 converter)

HandyBits < http://www.handybits.com > (need to download; offline voice mail and recorder)

MyChingo Voiceboard < http://mychingo.com/signup.asp > (online recorder; "not free")

Vaestro < http://www.vaestro.com/ > (online recorder) (click here for an example) 

VoiceThread < http://voicethread.com/ > (online recorder) (click here for an example)

Voxopop < http://www.voxopop.com/ > (online recorder) (click here for an example)


VIP: You may need to register to Vaestro, VoiceThread and Voxopop to have access to the recordings





Wikis in Plain English (a video with a simple intro to wikis) - Lee Lefever


Wiki hosts

Pbworks < http://pbworks.com/ >

Wikispaces < http://www.wikispaces.com/ >



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