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Young learners love drawing and giving their art work to teachers. I've been flooded with drawings about myself, the classroom environment and things students like. I value this work very much and decided to use photo album software to publish their work on the Internet. They loved the idea! Below are a few examples.


See suggestions for older students below.



Art work

Art Gallery 2007-2008 

Art Gallery 2008-2009

The Halloween Cube (some drawings students did after a lesson about Halloween) 



I also had them create short, fun animated movies good to practice writing.


Animated movies (created with Zimmertwins)

Christmas 6C (students)

Cat 6E (students)

My loves & hates (an example created by me to motivate my students to this software; it's based on structures we had studied)



Examples for activities for older students

Course work (illustrating activities I have carried out for a course I'm taking about teaching in Second Life)

Overview of a course - Dafne Gonzalez and Teresa Almeida d'Eça

Introducing two speakers: A joint path (students can introduce themselves and talk about their life through images and text in the subtitles)




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