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There are people who say that learning shouldn't be fun. On the contrary, it should involve effort and hard work. Well, I'm definitely one of those who agree with effort and hard work in the learning process, but if fun can be blended in, why not?!


Learning in a fun way is a very motivating way to learn. Exercises created in different programs that cater to different learning styles and intelligences enable such learning. Lessons with young learners involving interactive exercises are some of the most exciting lessons I've taken part in as "the guide on the side".


Here are some examples of different types of exercises I've done with my students in some of the blended CALL lessons.




Have got (Quia)

Family (Hot Potatoes)




Parts of the body (click Concentration) (Quia)

Time (Spellmaster)



Crossword puzzles

Weather (EclipseCrossword) 

Euroland (Hot Potatoes) 




Rooms in a house (Quia)



Jumbled letters & words

What color is it? (Quia)

Greetings and names (Hot Potatoes)




Time (drag and match) (SpellMaster)

Listen and match the questions (MemoryGame Maker)

Easter (match sound and text) (SpellMaster)

School objects (match images and text) (MemoryGame Maker)




Simple Present: Short answers (Quia)

Questions & Answers in the S. Past (ProProfs)




Simple Past (SpellMaster)

Family (listen and spell) (Spellmaster) 




Simple Present (Quia)

Question words (listen and choose T or F) (Quia)



Word search

Easter (Teachers-Direct)



Examples of exercises for older students

Similes (Quizlet) - Claudia Carril

Idioms with colors (MyStudiyo) - Claudia Carril


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