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SOMEs = Self-Organized Mediation Environments


28 July 2009



Suneeta was there to greet me and I also heard a male voice in the background now and then. I thought it would be an all girls group, but there were two-three boys after all. Great! They were a lively and smiling group of about ten, looking very elegant in their blue uniforms and white blouses and shirts. And a blue tie, I think. We greeted one another. It reminded me of my years in a British school when I loved wearing a tie.


I showed the students my name written in big capital letters with a marker on a white paper and they told me theirs. I didn't understand all of them, because some spoke low into the mic. Shy? No need for it. It was such a pleasant informal get-together over Skype with video!  :-)  They are in year 6 and their average age is ten-eleven, if I understood correctly.


I asked them what they're favorite hobbies were: "Reading!" "Writing!" "Painting!" Fabulous choices.


Suneeta told me that she had been showing them a map of Portugal and they knew that I was in the Lisbon area. I also showed them the first map above so that they could see the great distance between our two countries. The distance implies a time difference. I told it was 9:00 a.m. in my country and they told me it was 1:30 p.m. in India. They hadn't had lunch yet, waiting for the chat with me. And I hadn't had breakfast yet.


I told them that I used to teach children their age and then put a link to the Art Gallery 2008-2009 so that they could see some of the drawings my students did for me (http://www.bubbleshare.com/album/473857.507c54003b1/overview). The page didn't open correctly on their side.  :-(   They would take a look at it later.


Then came time for a story. I gave them the link to a British Council site with stories, but the story I'd planned - Pets at the Animal Shelter - didn't open for them (http://www.britishcouncil.org/kids-stories-pets.htm). What a shame! The pictures were part of the interest. I read them the story and then asked which animal the family had chosen. There were three incorrect answers and then Alya said: "The cat!" Bingo! She was right. "Congratulations!!!", I said.


I hope sites open up for them next time. However, I do need to think of alternative ways of telling stories.


The Skype video conference worked very well and I enjoyed seeing those enthusiastic faces in front of me during the whole session. At the end I also saw Suneeta in a beautiful sari.The only regret I have is not to have had the chance to take screenshots. I hope you did, Suneeta!


Seven years of many videoconferences and live online sessions without video, just text and voice, haven't erased the excitement I still feel when taking part in a live session. This one was extra special. I'd never chatted with children at a distance. Just face-to-face, in class. Voice makes communication special, but add video - the power of the image, the expressions and body language! - to it and communication becomes extra special. It was unforgettable! The power of communication is awesome!


I'm looking forward to next time!  :-))



Chatlog of the session

[28-07-2009 7:42:47] *** Call from Suneeta Kulkarni, duration 02:22. ***

[28-07-2009 7:44:28] Suneeta Kulkarni: can you hear us?

[28-07-2009 7:45:01] Suneeta Kulkarni: 10

[28-07-2009 7:45:11] Suneeta Kulkarni: from the 6th grade

[28-07-2009 7:45:15] *** Call ended ***

[28-07-2009 7:45:30] *** Call from Suneeta Kulkarni, duration 26:52. ***

[28-07-2009 7:48:25] Suneeta Kulkarni: aliya

[28-07-2009 7:48:33] Suneeta Kulkarni: AKIYA

[28-07-2009 7:48:45] Suneeta Kulkarni: sorry

[28-07-2009 7:48:50] Suneeta Kulkarni: ALIYA

[28-07-2009 7:49:13] Suneeta Kulkarni: Zeenath

[28-07-2009 7:49:29] Suneeta Kulkarni: Maliha

[28-07-2009 7:49:54] Suneeta Kulkarni: Azher

[28-07-2009 7:50:07] Suneeta Kulkarni: Sana

[28-07-2009 7:50:18] Suneeta Kulkarni: Rakshanda

[28-07-2009 7:50:53] Suneeta Kulkarni: irfan

[28-07-2009 7:51:12] Suneeta Kulkarni: Azim

[28-07-2009 7:51:53] Suneeta Kulkarni: Azeem

[28-07-2009 7:51:59] Suneeta Kulkarni: one more Azher

[28-07-2009 7:52:03] Suneeta Kulkarni: Mustapha

[28-07-2009 7:52:27] Suneeta Kulkarni: Mustafa

[28-07-2009 7:53:44] Teresa Almeida d'Eca: http://www.bubbleshare.com/album/473857.507c54003b1/overview

[28-07-2009 7:56:35] Teresa Almeida d'Eca: http://teresadeca.pbworks.com/SOME_Project

[28-07-2009 7:58:58] Teresa Almeida d'Eca: 9:00

[28-07-2009 8:01:05] Teresa Almeida d'Eca: http://www.britishcouncil.org/kids-stories.htm?mtklink=kids-stories-kids-popular-offers

[28-07-2009 8:12:27] *** Call ended *** 



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