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SOMEs = Self-Organized Mediation Environments


17 December 2009



I logged in at the usual time for me, 9:30 GMT, and multitasked for an hour, but the children never logged in. I was sad, because I can't do the Dec 24 session due to preparations for a Christmas Eve dinner at my house.


I emailed Suneeta and she replied with surprise. She thought things had worked very well. Here are both messages.


Dear Suneeta,
I was online for a little over an hour, I believe, and the children never logged in. I sent a couple of IMs, but there was no reply. 
Do you know if there was any problem? 
Please remind them that I won't be available for our chat next Thursday, Dec 24. 
Season's greetings! 
Hugs,    Teresa



Dear Teresa, 
Oh! That is surprising! I was still at another SOLE, but we had had 2 successful sessions there on Wednesday so I had hoped all would be well for Thursday... of course I know there are never any guarantees... but still. 
I will find out and let you know... and I most certainly will remind them about next Thursday being a 'holiday'! 
Enjoy the season and all the festivities! 


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