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Second life: Tips, Tricks & Tutorials


This is a page where I will gather "Tips & Tricks" about Second Life that I learn along the way, on my own, through friends, in the Muvenation08 course (Nov08-Jun09) and in the Virtual Worlds & Language Learning EVO workshop (Jan-Feb09). I'm currently taking the Teaching Languages in a Virtual World 2010 EVO session.




Getting started 

Join/Register in Second Life 

  • click link above
  • fill in all info to create your account

ViP: keep a shortcut to SL on the desktop or status bar to log in


Download Second Life

ViP: You can check System Requirements in advance


SL Quickstart Guide (very useful) [TLVW10]





-- HUD (Head Up Display): a gadget that you wear (without other SL avatars noticing it) that lets you do some actions (ex: "Speakeasy lets you pass pre-written text to the chat channel/text chat area on a line by line basis [Wico, 19Feb09]; you "wear" a HUD, so you click on it in the Inventory and select "Wear"


-- Rez in Second Life means to create or to make an object appear. Rezzing an object/prim can be done by dragging it from a resident's inventory or by creating a new one via the edit window. The term "rezzing" can also be used for waiting for a texture or object to load, such as "Everything is still rezzing." or "Your shirt is still rezzing for me." (mvn08, Marga)


-- SLURL: a web link that takes you into SL


-- Speakeasy: a HUD that lets you copy text to the text chat area. You can modify the pre-written text by right-clicking on it, selecting Edit, going to the "Content" tab, double-clicking on the "Speakme" notecard, deleting its content, replacing it by any text you want and saving it. Then you click on the Speakeasy window to see what you wrote [Wico, 19Feb09]


-- XyTextNoteCardReader or BasicXy1: a tool that reads notecards that are submitted to it. To use it, create as many notecards as screens (windows, displays or slides) you want to show and drop them in the board in the sequence and timing you like. Long sentences are cut (without notice). And there's a limit to the number of lines. It indents text and shows scripting. You can create figures as long as they are keyboard symbols (or ascii art). You can visit http://www.geocities.com/SoHo/7373/howto.htm for more info on ascii art [Wico 19Feb09]





-- SL Time = PDT / West Coast North America [VW&LL ws]


-- SLURL (Second Life URL): here is the SLURL for the Webheads HQ:


Click on the teleport link on this webpage, when you have SL open, and you'll be teleported to the Webheads HQ [VW&LL ws]


-- If you're experiencing what's called 'lag' (often a delay between when you press the arrow keys and the resulting movement of your avatar), which results in jerky movements, then this could be due to the graphics card / memory of your machine. It is also caused when there are a lot of avatars (50+) in the same sim (large area) of Second Life [VW&LL ws]



Tips & Tricks

-- Making SLurls

  • go to SLurl.com > click "Build your own SLurls" link (top right) > fill in info (you need to be in SL and know the name and coordinates - bar at the top - of the place)


-- Making SLurls when in SL

  • click on "Map" button (bottom)
  • in the new window, click the "Copy SLURL to clipboard" button (bottom)
  • paste it in a document (preferably the Notepad type), or
  • paste it in the text chat area and it in the Local chat window it's shown as a (hyper)link
  • click the link and in the new window click the "Teleport" button to be taken to that location

SEE the Using SLurls for easy travel in SL video tutorial [TLVW10]


-- Take: when you create a prim you need to right-click it and select "Take" to get it in your Inventory; then you can rename it


-- when you create a folder, notecard..., it's generally placed in alphabetical order after the "Trash" folder


-- To copy a prim, click on it > Edit > Shift + green arrows 


-- You can make a landmark once you are at the HQ (Use the drop-down menu in Second Life World >Create Landmark here) and then can find it again in your inventory (search on Webheads or look for your 'Landmarks' folder) [VW&LL ws] 


-- Advanced settings, use Ctrl+Alt+Shift+5 to change the ground into water, so you can see the prims underground [SanjaBozinovic, VW&LL]


-- To upload a pic File (menu) > Upload image [VW&LL ws]


-- To bring up the Advanced menu Ctrl Alt D [VW&LL ws]


-- To change the key control for the Talk button Edit (menu) > Preferences > Voice chat > Push-to-Talk trigger > activate one of the blue buttons [VW&LL ws]


-- To stop your avatar from typing Advanced (menu) > Debug Settings > type Play > click True or False [VW&LL ws]


Click Escape once or twice to bring yourself close to your avatar if you've zoomed out

Click Ctrl + Alt + T to see invisible things


Basic skills with Camera controls

Suppose you're inside the holodeck and you want to look under the platform or above the roof of the holodeck. Click on the left circle of the camera controls, arrow going up, and then zoom out with the mouse wheel. Then you can play with the other three arrows. When you want to go back to normal view, click Escape [Daf 13May09]


Giving something to a friend

Whether it's a landmark or an object, drag it from the Inventory to the avatar [Daf 13May09]


Closing "Communicate" tabs

Go to the tab you want to close and click on the X (close) below the X to close the main window [Daf 13May09]





Sound setup, use and troubleshooting guidelines (includes vidoe tutorials) [Wlod Barbosa, TLVW10] 






30+ things every newbie should know before starting Second Life [referred by Nick Noakes, VW&LL]

A Short Introduction to Virtual Worlds [referred by Giuliana Perco, mvn08]

Entering Second Life in 4 Easy Steps [referred by Giuliana Perco, mvn08]

Second Life Quick Start Guide [referred by Marga, mvn08]

Second Life 1 ("basics" by Nik Peachey)

Second Life 2 (continuation)

What does "rez" mean? [referred by Nergiz, TLVW10]



-- Demonstration of Person-Object Interaction in SL [referred by Michele Moretti, mvn08] 

-- ScriptMe! (Script Generator acquired at EdTech Island to generate different scripts) [works very well] + How to use a script


SL in Education

-- Educational Uses of SL [referred by Michele Moretti, mvn08]



How to manage your inventory [referred by Nergiz Kern]

Top 10 SL Building Tips [referred by Nergiz Kern]



Video demos

Camera Controls Basics [TLVW10]

Moving & Flying Basics [TLVW10]

Using the Pie menu Basics [TLVW10]





Sloodle [referred by Nergiz Kern, mvn08]




Acronyms used 

mvn08 = Muvenation 2008 course sponsored by the EU

TLVW10 = Teaching Languages in a Virtual World 2010 EVO session

VW&LL ws = Virtal Worlds & Language Learning workshop (Jan-Feb2009)

ws = workshop


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