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Page history last edited by Teresa Almeida d'Eca 8 years, 5 months ago




This page has links to files and websites from the European Union Schoolnet program "Teaching and Learning with Multi-User Virtual Environments" (100 hours: Nov 2008-Jul2009), aka MUVEnation 2008.


A few days ago, while looking for videos that I might have in the Mediacore platform (only available until 31Jan 2016), I found several dispersed links and decided to put them all together here.


Course materials

MUVEnation08 (an overview of the course, originally in muvenation.org, no longer available)

MUVEnation08 wiki

Teresa Almeida d'Eca (course wiki page)

Group 2: Subgroup 5 (my work group 2.5, the Blue Group)

MUVE's Blog Corner

Uncovering active and other learning approaches Virtual Worlds

Creating a Simple Scenewith the Holodeck (tutorial)



Teresa's materials

MUVEnation08 course (Teresa's blog with tasks and reflections)

Workshop: Creating a Teleporter (by Tere Short)

Team Teaching: a teaching approach (Daf Smirnov and Tere Short) (based on this course template)

Teresa Almeida d'Eca (course wiki page with tasks completed and links to materials created)



Teresa's Flickr photo collections of this course

Building prims workshop

Fashion Show


Rezzing the holodeck

Scripting workshop



Collaborative projects

Educator's Toolbox: NoteCard Reader (In this episode of the Second Life Educators Toolbox , Shelly Waco visits with Tere Short and looks at a NoteCard Reader.
Newbie level instruction shows you what it used for and how to locate and implement it straight away)



Off-shoots of the course

XyText Notecard Reader (a presentation that I gave for WiAOC 2009)


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